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    I-Parliament is an initiative that brings together students from schools across India to discuss, debate and design law in a simulated parliamentary session. I-Parliament offers the platform to convert an idea into a law. It has a strong learning component as it conducts a simulated legislative session wherein students meet,debate, discuss with policy makers and policy experts. It is developed and executed by the youth for the youth backed up by the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies.

    It was the second edition of I-Parliament, which was held at Jawahar Bhawan on Raisena Road, from 30th September 2016 to 4th October2016. The session initiated with the welcoming of Mr. P. Chidambaram, a veteran congress politician who shared his vision about Article 356. An election was conducted to elect government, leader of ruling party, leader of the opposition party, speaker etc.

    On the second and the third day, approximately twenty-five to thirty critical political issues facing the country were raised and discussed by the chosen leader students in the Question hour and the Zero hour. In the second half of both the days’ legislative discussion was taken up, which was on constitutional Amendment of Article 356.The motive was to increase the majority, by which the approval of both houses of the Parliament was to implement the Presidential rule from simple majority to special majority, i.e two third majority.  The Quality of the debate was outstanding.It was focused on what should be done for the interest of our country. Unanimously the entire body of students voted for passing the amendments of the constitution. In the press segment, students produced wonderful newspapers and also produced a lively simulation of debate called ‘Free to Speak’, reviewed by a senior journalist, Mrs. Malvika Singh. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was the Chief Guest for the closing ceremony. Prizes were given away by her, as she gave recognition to the achievements of the students. One of the students of our school , Saksham Kumar bagged the best Editor prize  for the best newspaper “ The Youth Daily” . The session culminated with the National Anthem.

    It was awonderful experience for the student delegates as they learned about the parliamentary procedures. They not only got a chance to hear the eminent personalities like Mr. Kapil Sibbal, Mr. Salman Khurshid but also had a chance to discuss the topics that were debated with them.

    Last, but not the least, I-parliament gave a platform to students to listen their peer's thoughts, a platform to express themselves and most importantly a platform to be heard and it make them aware of burning issues.


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