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From Vice Principal’s Desk…..

Being the Vice Principal of School, I believe parents to be the first teachers and home to be the first school of a child, where he lays his foundation to face the complexities of this competitive world.

I am proud to be a part of a school that strives and achieves excellence, while providing students with opportunities that foster life-long skills to prepare them for college and career.
Ajanta Public School’s mission is to provide students with the education and skills necessary to pursue higher education and career. We understand that a student needs support from both home and school to be successful.
I look forward to a strong partnership with parents in their educational journey at Ajanta Public School. I encourage the students to take part in the variety of events held in the school. I am committed to meet the needs of all students and assist them in their pursuit of happiness and success. With the families and staff of Ajanta Public School, I am certain we will achieve our vision to ensure that the students of our school become corporate leaders and community changing agents.

My “door is always open” and I look forward to meet each one of you, collaborating to give your child the education to flourish in life.

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